The  Wheelchair

Miracle Mission


several hundred

wheelchairs to date

to over 12 agencies,

and continue to respond to

new requests.

The average cost of a wheelchair is $500 to $750 each.


Your help will provide hope to children in need.


Together, we can make a difference in Israel by helping those

who need it most.

    Moving from one room to the next in your home might seem like nothing to you, but for children with disabilities this task is be daunting.

     A wheelchair can transform the lives of children. The simplest of wheelchairs are in fact a luxury which many people in dire situations or poverty-stricken nations may never see. Give a person in that situation a wheelchair, and you not only provide mobility, but you also provide hope, dignity and opportunity.

The Wheelchair Mission provides disabled Israeli children of all faiths, wheelchairs fitted to meet their individual needs. The chairs are adjustable to meet their challenges for several years as they grow and develop. This life-changing gift enables each child to reach their full potential and providing them with hope, independence, mobility and self-esteem.


     These wheelchairs are fitted and adjustable and designed to meet the unique needs of each child for several years as they grow. Since the first Miracle Mission of April 2018, we have delivered over several hundred wheelchairs in the duration of this program. 


Donations present the amazing opportunity to change and completely alter the course of a young person’s life by providing quality wheelchairs to those in deep need. What makes this Mission stand out is the incredible time and effort the team takes to match people with disabilities to appropriate wheelchairs— providing the mobility, inclusion, and care that they so uniquely deserve!


 Testimonials from hospitals and others who have benefited are humbling…

Stephen Schwartz, International Director Resource Development, Herzog Hospital, sent this lovely note…

I hope you will take as much joy as I did when I recently went up to Herzog Hospital’s Children’s Respiratory Department. I saw these two precious children sitting in the wheelchairs all of you made possible. Before these kids had your custom designed wheelchairs, they could only lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Now, thanks to all of you, they spend a good part of their day sitting up, and being mobile to go to different places in the hospital. Can you imagine the delight of these children and their parents when they were able to go out on the terrace, and breathe the fresh air for the first time, instead of just being cooped up within the hospital.   

     Thank you all again. Please share these photos with all those who have helped make the donation of these wheelchairs a beautiful reality.

Yehuda Marmurshtein, CEO and Founder of Aleh said,

“On behalf of ALEH’s children, I wish to thank you for your generosity and donation of the brand new wheelchairs…it is due to people like yourself and foundations like the Forster Foundation that enables us to continue providing these special children’s needs.”