Stephen Schwartz, International Director Resource Development, Herzog Hospital, sent this lovely note…


I hope you will take as much joy as I did when I recently went up to Herzog Hospital’s Children’s Respiratory Department. I saw these two precious children sitting in the wheelchairs all of you made possible. Before these kids had your custom designed wheelchairs, they could only lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Now, thanks to all of you, they spend a good part of their day sitting up, and being mobile to go to different places in the hospital. Can you imagine the delight of these children and their parents when they were able to go out on the terrace, and breathe the fresh air for the first time, instead of just being cooped up within the hospital.   

     Thank you all again. Please share these photos with all those who have helped make the donation of these wheelchairs a beautiful reality."


Aleh's Children

 Yehuda Marmurshtein, CEO and Founder of Aleh said, “On behalf of ALEH’s children, I wish to thank you for your generosity and donation of the brand new wheelchairs…it is due to people like yourself and foundations like the Forster Foundation that enables us to continue providing these special children’s needs.”

Yad Sarah​

 "In the name of the entire Yad Sarah family, please accept my appreciation for your generous donation of the wheelchairs....These chairs will touch the lives of so many and will be very appreciated by all. Over time, your gift will help hundreds of families caring for children with special needs..."  -- Moshe Cohen, CEO Yad Sarah

St. Vincent Ain Karem​

"Saint Vincent is a home for 53 residents who range in age from 3-30 years old who are from all the faiths of the holy land.  Our residence are both Arab and Jewish and have many disabilities both mental and physical. Twenty five are fed by gastro-tube. Only two can talk. Fifty of them use special wheelchairs, as only three can walk unassisted.  

The wheelchair is their whole world. It's the only way to go outdoors and breathe fresh air in the garden. It's the only way, to be able to sit comfortably and safely, with full support. They participate in the special education classes at our school. With the mobility of their wheelchairs they can have a part in a musical concert that we introduce at the afternoon program, go on outings, and enjoy many other activities.

 Saint Vincent Ain Karem-Jerusalem, is so happy to have your wonderful support; it is your special, unique help received from Miracle Mission by Forster Foundation and the donation of wheelchairs..."   -- Adam M. Ayesh, Chief Head of Physiotherapy Department

Soroka Medical Center​

On behalf of the children and families for whom we care at Soroka Medical Center and on behalf of the dedicated medical and support staff who care for them, we wish to thank you for your wonderful collegial work and the great generosity of the Forster Foundation. The wheelchairs which you have provided to Soroka Medical Center will find great use and help ease the burden of the children and their families receiving treatment. It is a privilege to partner with you.

 -- Shlomi Codish, MD, MPH Director General