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Since we launched this mission in 2019 we have already provided several hundreds of iPads and Tablets to physically and developmentally challenged children. For some, our gift enables them to communicate with their families and others for the very first time of their lives!


Our mission also provides tablets to an underserved community through agencies like NACOJ and AFIKIM, who primarily serve Ethiopian children and other children living below the poverty level -- resulting in their education being far below the standard of other children. All partner agencies are participating in specific set of standards we established to validate the value and effectiveness of this Mission.


iPad communication devices are used on a constant basis by the children to develop their expressions of communication; relay messages to their teachers, parents, and peers; and enhance their language skills. The iPads are positioned in activity rooms, classrooms, and therapy rooms to encourage children to engage with their surroundings through communication. 

In the picture below, a three year old child is able to bring her iPad to the table during snack time and tell her teachers which food she would like to eat. The iPad’s small and mobile nature makes it comfortable for her little fingers and allows her communication assistance to be mobile in various locations, traveling with her from activity to activity.  


The average cost of providing an iPad or tablet with software and accessories is between $350 and $600 each. The Foundation requires every agency to share in 2/3 of the cost of the first 40 units, and 50% of the cost of the next 40 units.


We hope you will support our Miracle iPad Mission, improving the quality of life for less fortunate children.  Now more than ever there is an URGENT need for these tablets as children learn from home and in facilities.




Thank you for iPads! The children are lucky to have them. -- Tzohar Halev School 

The iPads have arrived in Jerusalem! We can’t wait for the Shalva children to start using them! Thank you for making this life-changing opportunity possible. -- Meira Brandwein, Development Executive at Shalva

I would like personally to thank you for your generosity...This is a project that began only a few months ago and with only a handful of students--yet within half a year we've grown to over 100 students. I see this as a life-changing act: it covers over 25% of the students currently participating in this program, which is simply astounding. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the students and their families. -- David Mihret, Director North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry

THANK YOU so much for your generous gift of 24 iPads to ALEH Moriah!

We so look forward to introducing them to our residents and seeing them learn to communicate through them. And of course we hope to share with you their progress! Thank you for believing in our mission and our children. -- Esther Brander, Director of Grants and Projects 

Aleh, Israel's network of care for people with complex disabilities