The Farmworkers Childrens Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is proud to announce the recently named “Justin’s Little School House”, through the generosity of the Forster Foundation.  The Forster Foundation, under the leadership of Bill Forster, Founder and President, is committed to helping an underserved community of children whose families work in the surrounding agricultural fields in Palm Beach county.

Justin's Little School House is where The Farmworker Childrens Center Inc. offers homework help, enrichment programs, summer camp, and helps prepare children for their future. Three generations of children have already made their way with the assistance of The Farmworkers Childrens Center, some returning as counselors, and many moving onto college and careers. 

"This incredible organization is right in our backyard and provides a much-needed service," said Bill Forster. "I was moved by the children, and immediately had the idea to name the little schoolhouse in memory of my grandson Justin, who was unfortunately deprived of the chance to grow and be a part of our world." Forster added, "It is a blessing for us to assist in the education of the children whose families work the fields and supply our community with food. Our gift of computers enables the children to reach their true potential and gives hope to their parents that their children will have an opportunity to achieve a better life than their own."

Justin's Little School House and the gift of 70 plus laptops for the Center, is the Forster Foundation's latest mission. They have provided every student with a Chromebook and have pledged to continue to provide additional ones as needed.  

Donna Marie Goray, Founder of The Farmworkers Childrens Center, Inc. is overwhelmed by the Foundation’s gift. “The pandemic has made cyber learning more important than ever, and the Forster Foundation has given our students a chance to keep up with a rapidly-changing educational landscape,” said Ms. Goray. “For 40 years, Farmworker Childrens Center has successfully served the children of families working in agricultural, nursery, landscaping, and equestrian fields in south Palm Beach County.” She went on to say that the Forster Foundation’s motto of See a Need, Meet a Need, is truly what they do!”

Bill Forster and the Forster Foundation’s contribution has created possibilities for the children that were not available until now.