Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multi-disciplinary children’s home in Israel to offer a wide range of professional services on one site, such as psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work, conventional and para-medical therapies and education. Established in 1943, this 7-acre campus in Pardes Hanna is a safe haven for children 5 to 18 years of age who have been removed from their homes by Israel’s Welfare Department due to extreme traumatic circumstances such as family dysfunction or neglect, violence in the home or mental, physical and/or sexual abuse. Neve Michael’s mission is to provide each child with the love, care and professional treatment to overcome the abuse they have endured and to offer them a chance at a better future, they so deserve. 


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Israel Missions are in partnership with
Rabbi Greg Hershberg
of Congregation Beth Yeshua


Under the leadership of Rabbi Greg Hershberg, Congregation Beth Yeshua, of Macon Georgia, partners with the Forster Foundation in funding the WHEELCHAIR and iPAD MIRACLE MISSIONS. 100% of all funding of all Missions is provided by donations received from Rabbi Greg Hershberg and Congregation Beth Yeshua and The Forster Foundation.