Tina Forster, Resident Artist

Tina Forster is The Forster Foundation's Resident Artist, known for her "Creative Mikeveh Art".


The "Dream It" piece gives us a look into her inner feelings toward the statement "If you can dream it, you can do it."  Like this original and inspirational piece, you can customize something like this for your own enjoyment.

In her own words...

"Mikveh" is a Jewish immersion ceremony. A ritual for purification and renewal. To be in the moment. Art, prayer, music, photography, are all outlets for me to quiet my mind and relax. 

Tina works in multi mediums with fluid acrylic, variations of blob art and mixed media art, repurposing magazines and other paper.

To see more of Tina's work, check out her instagram at: www.instagram.com/tinaforster_creativemikvehart/

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Our signature piece is available for $500.  This piece can be customized to your colors. The message is in Hebrew, English and Braille and reflects The Forster Foundation's belief in creating Missions.  Dream it, do it!

Artwork can be commissioned or purchased, and a portion of the proceeds
can be dedicated to the Mission of your choice.
Artwork has been donated to the Foundation, therefore your tax deduction is what is allowable to the extent of the law.
Resin Hebrew Alphabet Letter Chet - $25
Sabbath Bride - 14 x 14 - $150
Resin Hebrew Letter Mem - $25
Resin Hebrew Letter Alef - $25
Purple Peace - 14 x 14 - $150
Purple Heart 2 - 14 x 14 - $150
Paisley - 16 x 20 - $150
Purple Heart - 14 x 14 - $150
My Sukkah side view
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