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The Forster Foundation's primary objective is to better the lives of children of all faiths in Israel.

Along with the Forster Foundation which supports many Miracle Missions, Bill Forster, President and National Director of Neve Michael Children's Village USA, provides avenues to support the many needs of Neve Michael, an organization like no other and very dear to the Foundations heart. In addition, the Foundation now supports other programs for even more children in Israel.


Through one of our initiatives, the FORSTER FOUNDATION’S WHEELCHAIR MIRACLE MISSION, the objective is to provide disabled Israeli children of all faiths, wheelchairs fitted to meet their individual needs. The chairs are adjustable to meet their challenges for several years as they grow and develop. This life-changing gift enables each child to reach their full potential and provides them with hope, independence, mobility and self-esteem.


Though the Forster Foundation has many ongoing projects with Neve Michael Children's Village, the gift of education and imagination is made possible through THE FORSTER FOUNDATION iPAD MIRACLE MISSION. When a child or grandchild receives an iPad for the first time, the reaction is priceless. Our hope is that our gift will evoke that same emotion for these children.

    The Foundation has delivered the first 100 iPads to Neve Michael Children's Village. We will be working with other children's agencies in Israel to provide even more iPads.  Our current focus is to provide Alyn hospital with iPads adapted for disabled children and outfitted for their specific needs. 

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The Forster Foundation has just added a new program, THE ELI PROJECT, which is as inspiring as it is heart-warming.

     Meet Eli - a 9-year old boy from a small town in Nevada whose passion is to help children he’s never met and who are thousands of miles away... children who are victims of abuse, poverty and other horrors which has befallen them. Eli was moved and came up with a plan to send the money he makes from egg sales, and send it to Neve Michael. To show just how selfless this young boy is, he feels the chickens do all the work and entirely deserve all the credit!

      Bill Forster, founder of The Forster Foundation, was equally moved by Eli's story and started a College Fund for Eli by pledging the first $2,500.  Through donations from the Foundation, we will help Eli realize his goal of helping the children, while a portion of the donations received will go toward Eli's college future!

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