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Miracle Missions in Florida and in Israel

In Florida

Covid Mask Mission

Our most recent Mission is in Palm Beach County, Florida, where we provide face masks for the Palm Beach Food Bank. The Food Bank, with 90 agencies, serves over 178,000 meals ...   READ MORE

Mishpacha Mission

The Mishpacha Mission provides freshly cooked Shabbat dinners which are personally delivered by the Rabbi and his wife Henni, to elderly singles and couples in retirement communities ... READ MORE

In Israel

Wheelchair Mission

A wheelchair can transform the lives of children. The simplest of wheelchairs are in fact a luxury which many people in dire situations or poverty-stricken nations may never see ... READ MORE

iPad Mission

In 2019 we launched our iPad Mission to provide iPads and tablets to physically and developmentally challenged children. For some, our gift of iPads enables them to communicate with ... READ MORE

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